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...The truth has got it's boots on...

Name: Kaori Amaya Celeste “Fragrant Night Rain from the Heavens”.

Age: 139

Gender: Female

Allience: Terra

Race: Faerie

Occupation: Faerie Seer for the Crown Guard and the Terran Army

Bio/History: She had never started as one of the Banished. She was born simply Kaori, and was the third child born to Elf Lord Imaran of the Sadira Clan. She had an older sister, and an older brother, not to mention two younger brothers, making their family one of the rare few to be so large; children were a big step in Fae culture, because it marked the husband and wife as bound. Once bound, they were no longer permitted to freely take on lovers.

This strong love was not the only thing that marked the family as 'different'. By an early age she was infamous for two things; an uncommon interest in mortals, and powerful abilities as a Seer. Her power made her somewhat arrogant and foolhardy for she surpassed those twice her age while her freedom to do as and how she pleased as a child made her precocious.

Though threatened with loss of honor and banishement many times for this curiosity, she eventually met a young mortal woman with whom she developed an instant- and dangerous- connection.

Her father, alerted to Amaya’s continuous travels into mortal lands, worried for her safety and warned her to keep away. The last time the Faerie Council allowed her to see her family was at her last naming ceremony, where she gave herself the name 'Amaya' which meant night rain.

The next day found her banished for all eternity from the lands of the Fae. This devestated Amaya for the longest time, and it was only through the help of her friend and the rest of the village that she recovered, despite attempting to commit suicide four times. However, since her banishement she refuses to leave the human form.

Looking for a way to survive, and repay the village's kindness, Amaya found herself working for the Terran Crown Guard, employed as a Seer to protect the royal family. Every month, she sends some of her pay to the village, and continues to visit often.

Appearance: Straight silver hair up in buns, but it has a tendency to slip out, with amethyst eyes. Though she originally dressed as all Fae did, using nature and natural materials, since her transition to the Crown Guard she has dressed as a human. Her outfit is a soft silver-blue, held in place by a lavendar belt. Her wings are present only in Fae form and are an iridesent opal color, considered extremely beautiful even among the Fae.

Personality: A little bit quirky, with a good sense of humor but she will use that humor to cover any extreme emotions she's feeling. She still harbors her sharp wit and tongue. She also finds mortals purpetually interesting; and definitally in more ways than one. Can you say sex kitten? However, since her banishment, she does not have many close friends, and finds it hard to confide completely in them.She continues to be both arrogant and precocious, and doesn’t seem to know when it's appropriate. She also has a greedy streak, especially when faced with silver, for she finds it incredibly beautiful.

Weapons: In human form, she is adept with the staff

Abilities/Powers: She is a seer, with a crash course in Elemental Air skills. She is also learning basic healing from a White Mage.

Other Notes: She plays the piano, and like most Fae, has a bewitching voice